Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Levitra vs Staxyn – Which works best?

Levitra vs Staxyn  – Which works best?

Levitra has given men a way to once again feel confident about themselves and their intimate encounters. It has passed the test of time as one of the best Erectile Dysfunction medications on the market, even when compared with Viagra and Cialis. However, the makers of Levitra have recently rolled out a new product that may just send Levitra  into retirement.
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Welcome Staxyn to the stage! This new oro-dispersible version of Levitra dissolves in your mouth easily on the tongue, and is instantly absorbed into your blood stream. There is no need for water or trying to sneak in a pill at just the right moment. Your partner never even needs to know that you took it.
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Both Staxyn and Levitra contain vardenafil as the main ingredient, and as such they both work the same way to treat Erectile Dysfunction. Blood flows into the penis where it is trapped, resulting in longer and harder erections. Your partner is sure to be happy about the new found enthusiasm you are bringing to the bedroom.
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The main difference between Staxyn and Levitra is the convenience factor. You don’t have to take Staxyn with water, which means you can take it discreetly in any situation. No more sneaky trips to the restroom or the kitchen right as things are getting good, and no more wasting pills in hopes of action that may or may not happen. Staxyn is ready to go as soon as you are, and your partner will be very happy about your choice.

Another great benefit to Staxyn is that the main ingredient starts working much faster since it doesn’t have to pass through the digestive system the way Levitra does. Staxyn is immediately absorbed my blood vessels in the tongue and mouth, which blasts it into your circulatory system. This way you are ready for action in much less time, so you’ll be ready for action whenever she is.

Levitra has been very popular since the active ingredient gives men the results they need in a much lower dose than either Cialis or Viagra. However, with the obvious advantages and rising popularity of Staxyn, it seems that Levitra along with any other ED treatment pills, may be a thing of the past.

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